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The space between loss and hope


Reading these beautiful words from ‘Abbey of the Arts’ about Holy Saturday really struck a chord with me today.

“I love the wide space of Holy Saturday that lingers between the suffering and death of Jesus on Friday and the vigil Saturday night proclaiming the return of the Easter fire. For me, Holy Saturday evokes much about the human condition—the ways we are called to let go of things or people, identities or securities and then wonder what will rise up out of the ashes of our lives. The suffering that we experience because of pain or grief or great sorrow and we don’t know if we will ever grasp joy again. Much of our lives rest in that space between loss and hope. Our lives are full of Holy Saturday experiences.”

You can read the full blog post here.





Intentional pursuit of freedom

In myself,

In others.

I’m sad when I see

people settling.

Settling for less freedom

than they could have.

Tied up, restricted,

a shadow of their full selves.

Not accessing

what’s freely offered to them.


Not a licence for chaos

Not a license for selfishness or boundary-less-ness

which could hurt others,

or ourselves.


from what holds us back


from fear, from sorrow, from bitterness, from past hurts, from anger,

from stuff we don’t have to settle with.


to be all we can be.


to be the fullness of you.

Don’t settle.

That freedom is available.

Pursue it.


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