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Home is where the heart is

They say

But what if your heart is in two places?

Where people I love live.

Sounds painful.

But I don’t feel

Like my heart is torn

Split, divided

It usually feels more peaceful than that.

More full

Even more rich

Than if my heart was in only one place.

When I am in one, I love and enjoy the people there

And when I am in the other, I do the same.

And yet

There is often a little tug on my heart

Reminding me of the one far away.

Tugs of variant force and persistence

Sometimes easy to ignore

Sometimes a bit sharper

Making my heart a little sore.

I try to listen to my heart when it feels that way

And reach out to connect across the oceans

It’s a small price to pay

For the privilege.

I’m truely blessed to feel at home in both places.

Cape Town, the city and community I love

And primary home for now.

London, where family and friends

Also make me feel known, loved and at home.

So I’m grateful.

For home is where the heart is

And I just happen

To have two.



Have a listen to this song: Breathe by Jennifer Eaves

Beautiful voice and lyrics

heard at a chilled open air gig

in the golden light of early evening

It says something of how I feel about Cape Town.

This song asks if we have the courage to truly know the people we meet
if we are ‘man enough’ to really see and really know
the people, the community we come across in daily life.
I want to choose that, to know and be known.
Not to be afraid of engaging with strangers
In this city I find myself being conscious of breathing in
drawing in the fresh air and life
It’s a city of people broken down
and yet people of courage and love
of disappointment and of hope
of beauty and of sweat and dust
A city of creatives and dreamers.
And I call it home.
My home is
where the sun meets the morning sea
My home is
where the artist paints and the poet is free
My home is
where the earth cries for unity
Do have a listen to all of Jennifer Eaves’ tracks and share them with others. http://www.reverbnation.com/jennifereaves/

Welcome Home


[Illustration from the story I wrote about my journey of coming to Cape Town, which you can read here]

So touched

by the enthusiastic welcome

home to Cape Town.

A joyful time away.

Precious connections

with dear friends and family.

Treasured moments.

But now I’m back.

Nice to be missed,

to know you leave a gap

and to return to fill it again.

Strong warm hugs,

Bouncy excitement,

Genuinely glad to have me back.

The most moving

was the tearful welcome

of my dear friends

who live on the streets

near my home.

Two women particularly.

They tell me they missed me.

They tell me they love me.

The mention things they remember:

When I visited them in hospital

Or joined them on the curb

to do a crossword together

in the winter sun.

I’m so humbled

that such simple acts of kindness,

of friendship,

touch them so deeply

and make a difference to their life,

to their hearts.

My heart is full.

So glad to be home.