In the air


Cardboard boxes

Rolls and rolls of brown tape

Stuff of life contained

Packed away



To be reclaimed

one day

timing to be confirmed

hopefully not too far away.

Unpacked into a new season.

Connections re-established

Life resumed.

So much stuff.

How much does one really need?

Very little if we’re honest.

But we keep it

as a security blanket.

There’s a freedom and lightness in simplicity

but I’m rarely brave enough

to shed enough

to experience it.

In the air


between places

between lives

and yet living my life

in this moment.

I’m not alone

flying with my constant companion.

Knowing I’m loved and known

held in hearts

in both places I call home.

Copyright © 2014 Hilary Murdoch. All rights reserved.

Plane over Cape Town image: Reuters

3 responses »

  1. Another wonderful, thought provoking poem. But you leave us up in the air too. Are you flying home because this present phase of your life in SA has come to an end? What next for you? Love and prayers, Tony and Judith

  2. Thinking of you … as you as ‘in-between’… (which is probably what a lot of life is going to look like… seems like that is the way of Jesus :)! )… bless you in it! We send a Christmas letter to you in both South Africa and England…. so… at at least one hopefully will find you :)! Christmas blessings… and be sure to keep us informed of the days ahead… we’re with you! Love, Jim and Becky

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