Learn this, my slow heart



Learning by heart. Artist: Nikolaos Gyzis

“This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased”

God was pleased, well pleased

with Jesus his son.

Pleased, not with his ministry

he hadn’t started yet.

Pleased, well pleased

with who Jesus was,

as his son.

Nothing to earn.

Nothing to prove.

God is pleased, well pleased

with me

with you.


not because of what we do

but simply because we’re his children.

My head knows that

but does my heart really know?

Why is it so slow to learn?

Any hints of striving and anxiety

give me away,

show my heart hasn’t got it yet.

Invited to sink back

into my father’s arms

to relax my body and spirit

into His embrace.

Invited to know and experience

abundant love

flowing out towards me.

Invited to live and feast

under the banner

that proclaims I’m beloved.

But so often

I hold onto flags, banners, labels

that others give me

defining me

both positive and negative.

As I drop those many banners

only then can I fully live

in the light of the delight

of my father’s loving gaze,

living under his banner

proclaiming I’m beloved.

Do I really know

this already acceptance

deep down in my bones?

I’m often reminded,

it hasn’t gone deep enough yet.

How can I teach

my slow heart?

A heart doesn’t learn

as a head does.

Repetition of facts

until it sticks.

The heart doesn’t learn that way.

How then does a heart learn?





Leaning into truth

Experiencing it

Being held in it

Until it becomes firm.

Until one day

you look back

with surprise

and realise

your heart

has learnt

and you hadn’t noticed it.

“This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased”

– Matthew 3:17

© Hilary Murdoch 2014. All rights reserved.

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  1. Lovely Hilary. Thanks also for the lovely calendar which I am so enjoying. Such a kind thought. You probably gathered your mum and I had a great few days away together. Since then I have been in Ethiopia which was challenging . With lots of love jill


    • So glad you like the calendar! I enjoyed making it…
      Yes, sounds like you had a wonderful adventure with mum. I know how much she loves time with you. Goodness, interesting that you have been in Ethiopia, I’d love to hear more… much love xxx

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