Easing gently towards the shore

Sunshine, low and orange
Stretching its last rays
Across the water
Dropping gold along the way
Interrupted by large smooth boulders
And wave sprays over them in slow motion
Throwing water high into the air.
A cool breeze passes my skin
And plays with my hair.
My breath is slowing.
All I can hear is the sea
The distant rumble of waves crashing
The closer small breakers tumbling
And the constant lapping
Not so far from my bright pink toenails.
The waves seem to be in a huge hurry
Smashing into rocks
That are insolent enough to lye in their way
Sprinting for the shore
But then slowing right down
Half hearted
As if the bus they were running for
Has pulled off without them.
A sigh of resignation
And a final collapse into the pebbles.
The sun is sinking
Easing itself under its blanket, the horizon
Snuggling down, ready for bed
Tired of the day’s exertions
Getting progressively more golden
I can look at it more directly
Although my page then has dalmatian spots
And then its gone
And it’s peachy colour leaks across the sky.
A group of birds fly overhead
Thin wings and spikey beaks
Calling to each other
9 of them
Switching places
Playing in the failing light
Not in a huge hurry
To get anywhere.
The scene speaks to me of peace
Of unhurried calm
My soul tries to follow nature’s lead
Easing gently towards the shore.
So here I am
With increasingly cold toes
Here I am
Ready for restoration
Ready for whatever you have for me, God
Ready to be held
Eager to hear, to see
Hungry for intimacy.
Wanting to move on
And yet wanting
Whatever you have for me even more.
I’m here
With you.
I’m here
With you.
All poems and original writing on this blog are Copyright © Hilary Murdoch 2014

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