A place for my stuttering heart to find voice



Photo: Me writing my journal near Hermanus, South Africa. ©Hilary Murdoch 2013

 IMG_5082Copyright Hilary Murdoch © 2014. Mixed Media. Inside free.

I’m delighted and honoured to be invited to write a guest post for my friend Claire De Boer who I got to know in Burundi last year. Her blog focuses on the healing gift of writing. My piece is about journalling and how that’s helped me express my heart…

“Sometimes I feel paralysed by my emotions, as if they are a messed up ball of wool inside me. Sitting quietly to write can be like gently pulling out each string, laying it down in a line to see it for what it is. And there on the table it looses its power to hold me hostage.”

Do click through to read the full piece here.

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