In between people… Part 2


After writing my previous post about being an ‘in between person‘, I read a chapter in Joyce Rupp’s book called ‘May I have this dance’ (a book of spiritual reflections which I highly recommend). The chapter  for December was entitled ‘Homecoming’ and opened with this poem and seemed to connect with and further develop my reflections on the subject.

Something in me is stirring;

I think it’s the part of me

that waits in lonely exile

and yearns for a homeland.


It’s the hidden part of me

that wanders aimlessly,

stumbling in the dark,

crying to be found.


O God of exiles and strangers

find the homeless parts of me;

guide them toward yourself,

for you are my promised land.

Take the stranger inside of me

and find familiar soil for it.

Keep me mindful of the Emmanuel,

whose sojourn brought a glimpse of home.

Poem: Joyce Rupp 2006

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