Of trust and tricycles



Warm sunlight throws long shadows

I push the little one’s buggy

Permitting me ringside seats

To witness the beauty

Of a childhood memory formed

To witness the choices

Of a tired and weary mum

Sleep deprived but persevering

Pouring herself out

Bending over

Running behind the tiny bike

Steadying and steering

Cheering on

Reassuring and protecting

Letting go

As her daughter wobbles along

Grinning ear to ear.

An idillic picture

Weaving in and out of shadows

Cast by trees lining the road.

A precious and meaningful cameo

Imprinted deep in my mind and heart

Of a patient and affirming parent

And of a joyfully trusting child

Giggling and confident

Learning, making mistakes, growing

Totally assured of her safety

Because of her mum’s presence

Lord I want to absorb the beauty of this moment

into my own life

May I continue to love and serve when weary

But more importantly

May I be that joyfully trusting child,

confident that your presence with me is all I need.


All poems and original writing on this blog are Copyright © Hilary Murdoch 2013

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  1. Wonderful, as always. Thanks for sharing… Hope you got some rest these past few days… we’re still on the road and haven’t been a place long enough (or with enough internet) to watch the whole service for James, but hope to do so soon…

    Love and hugs, Becky and Jim

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