Opportunity to partner with Fusion


There are currently full on gun fights in the streets on a regular basis in Manenberg. That’s not near where I live but friends of mine do live there.

Please pray for peace in the community. A friend of mine, Jonathan, is trying to gather the community together to work towards peace. He is part of the Fusion community, which I have written about before. There have been times before when prayer from that community has brought dramatic breakthrough in the fighting. We need to see that again, and a longer term solution to the conflict.

As I’ve mentioned before, Fusion is a wonderful and inspiring community that mentors and supports high risk youth in Manenberg, helping them to come off drugs and out of gangs, into a positive, Jesus centred community and identity. There have been incredible stories of young adults lives being turned around. If you didn’t see the video of the story of one young man’s turn around, do watch it here.

They are inviting people to PRAY for Manenberg from 11am Friday 26th July (this Friday) until 11am 27th July. If you are in Cape Town you can find them on facebook and book a timeslot. During that time, Fusion Manenberg will be hitting the streets to shower the community with red ribbons to pray for and promote peace. They are inviting Manenberg residents to join them for prayer walks and the ribboning of Manenberg.

On 27th July (safety dependent), Fusion are running 14km through Manenberg to raise money for running costs for the next year. Wherever you are and whether you’ve experienced living in that kind of fear or not, why not join in and partner with these people who are giving their lives to love this community and be channels of God’s transformation there.
If you want to give, here is the link to follow:

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