A Time Such as This


“How do we stand in this blurry line between expectancy and restlessness with an awe-struck sense of peace?”

I really love this beautifully written piece (link below) about living in the now, and sensing what your ‘time such as this’ is right now. I really resonate with the sense of God guiding by ‘the laying down of stepping-stones’ rather than showing the long term picture, by stirrings, ‘nudges, gentle in nature and laced with grace’ and the ‘creaking of doors opening’.

I feel like I can hear that creaking right now, and I’m intrigued to see where the doors will lead. I’m living in the expectancy.

I arrived home to Cape Town today with a bit of a cold. Having had an incredible re-connecting time in the UK with precious family and friends which was such a gift. I am laying low today, not ready yet to re-emerge. But I will be soon, and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.

You can read the full beautifully written post ‘A time such as this’ (which I hugely recommend) here.

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  1. Dearest Hilary,

    W E L C O M E HOME to the Mother City, you are so wise to rest up sensing that cold. may it have left you now. One of the joys of arriving home mid week is that you can settle back into your life there while everyone is working and then enjoy your weekend, feeling stronger with them all. How is your happy car?

    We have just returned from the country; a couple of train stops beyond Oxford, a town called Charbury to stay with friends for a night. It always amazes me that we are changed by being out in the country. The sun was shining over the rolling hills and far into the distant as we halted in an ancient village to view a very old tiny church and then later pause on an equally old bridge to watch the Windrush River pass underneath.

    May you continue to recover well today. With our love

    Anthony and Cathy

    > >

  2. We understand the need to ‘lay low’ for a bit after such a trip… and waiting to ‘re-emerge’… bless you in this process dear one :)! Love, J and B

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