Stories that need to be heard


I want to share a post written by my friend Nicole Joshua, writing about her experience at Amahoro Africa 2013 in Kampala, which finished yesterday. I echo her thoughts. So many conversations that have opened up my mind to the realities in different African nations, both the tragic and the hopeful. My heart is now more connected to Africa because it connects with individuals living in these realities.

Stories that have not been told but need to be heard

Today I heard stories about a country that I had always thought of as a sleepy nation, a peaceful people that grow really good tea. And then I had a conversation with someone from that country and who painted a very different picture.

I heard stories of high levels of child sexual abuse and not many, or almost no, convictions because of high levels of impunity for perpetrators. I heard stories of a church that supports the government’s attempts to suppress the truth about trauma associated with ethnic violence and conflict, about pain unacknowledged as a result of a civil war because of a desire to forget the past. I heard stories about corruption that appears rampant, with no hope of things changing.

And yet, I heard stories of hope,…. read the full post here

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