Amohoro Africa


I am at a gathering In Kampala, Uganda called Amahoro, which means peace, wholeness, shalom in the language of Rwanda. The gathering happens in a different African country each year. It’s a meeting place for people from many different African nations and from other parts of the world, people who want to have a conversation about theology in the context of Africa.

Every meal time, and walking between sessions I meet so many people who are passionate about making a difference in their own nations, each doing inspiring things: training leaders among the youth of D R Congo; providing a safe home, family and education for young women coming out of prostitution in Uganda; creating a beautiful place of hope and love and inspiration for children with HIV in Uganda; training pastors for church planting in Rwanda; running an influencial business and employing many in Kenya… the stories flow on and on. I hope to share over time in my blog, a little picture of some of the organisations and ministries that I have visited and heard about in this time. Every meal time I rush to sit with people I haven’t met yet and further inspiring stories tumble out. What a privilege to be here. I wonder where some of these emerging friendships and connections will lead. God only knows.

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