True humility



True humility

Not insecure self-depreciation

Not a door-mat

Totally secure in Himself, in His divine identity

And yet choosing

To go low

To go slow

With those He created.

Downward mobility

Not just heaven to earth

But amongst people

Loving and serving those on the edge

Claiming nothing for Himself

Born in a borrowed stable

Buried in a borrowed tomb.

Challenges our petty pride

Challenges our attachment to position

Challenges our false humility

True generosity

Not giving to make Himself feel good

Not begrudgingly given

Laying everything He had down for others

Even His life

Giving of Himself freely

With no guarantee

Of people accepting the gift

So expensively bought

In fact knowing that the gift of life and freedom

Would be rejected by so many.

Giving of Himself

Without forcing or requiring a response.

Challenges our giving expecting thanks

Challenges our grumpy giving

Challenges our withholding

Thanks to David Meldrum, your Good Friday reflections service was the starting point for these thoughts.


All poems and original writing on this blog are Copyright © Hilary Murdoch 2013

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