Connection with God

Closeness to Him

Conversation with Him

Resting in Him

Receiving from Him

Is like breathing air.

Deep breaths

Life giving




As we go about our daily lives

We dip our heads underwater

Hold our breath

Until we can bring our heads up

To breathe deeply again.

Holding our breath for too long

Is uncomfortable, unhealthy, dangerous even

And unnecessary.

The air is right there

Just above our heads

Always available

But it’s our choice

To push up and breathe.

Breathing is admitting dependence on the air.

Holding our breath is saying

We don’t need the air

That we were created to live on.

To survive well


In our daily lives

In the atmosphere and culture around us

We need breathing apparatus

A snorkel

So we can breathe Him in

Even underwater.

Constant closeness


Awareness of His presence and love

In the midst of the hurley burley of life.

But it’s uncomfortable, unsatisfying

To survive on snorkel air all the time.

We still need to lift our heads out of the water

To meet with Him

To breathe deeply.

Take some time

To hang out with Him

To be amazed

To share life

To receive

To breathe.


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All poems and original writing on this blog are Copyright © Hilary Murdoch 2013

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  2. Great… as always :)! Thanks for sharing dear one. Love (currently from Dubai… and tomorrow… ‘beyond Dubai’…) love, Jim and Becky

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