My own New Year reflection



2013 reflectionI recently posted a few questions for reflection at the start of a new year. I scribbled two A4 sheets of colourful illegibiliy myself which greatly helped me to process what happened last year and get my head around the next.

As I look back

my heart overflows

with gratitude

and with joy.

His kindness so evident;

His provision so generous;

His presence so tangible.

So grateful

for kind words and encouragement

for opportunities, a light burden

for special times with family and old friends

for fun and connections with new

for community and diversity

for the beauty of nature

for creativity reignited

for restoration of joy

for fruitfulness without striving

for peace enlarged

for healing confirmed

for trust defeating fear

for all I’ve learnt

for how I’ve changed

for confirmation I am where I’m supposed to be.

Even in the challenges,

the frustrations, the concerns,

I can see growth

I can see resolution for good.

As I look forward

my heart is at peace

looking with anticipation.


of community deepened

of adventure entered

of learning received

of creativity spread

of momentum gained

of growth recognised

of fulfilment realised.

So thankful

to my constant companion

the one who lays the road ahead

and who also walks on it

with me


hand in hand.

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  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing… your thoughts (and gifts). We have the Stewart family staying with us for a couple of days… fun dinner tonight with all our gang… sending love, Jim and Becky

    • How wonderful that you get time with them – we miss them so much here! But so special for them to see you. Spent time with Rene today and spoke of you guys, you are still very much thought of and loved in this city! much love from me to you all xxxx

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