In the Flow


There is a flow

Gentle but strong

That carries me

If I surrender to it.

It carries me

Into conversations,

Into opportunities,

Into situations,

Into places

Where I can be a channel

Of His love, encouragement and power.

Not forging my own way

Not offering my own competence.

Just offering my openness

And my availability.

Flowing with ease

Where He leads

Into things

I couldn’t make happen myself.

It’s almost too easy

And yet I can see the fruit.

Beautiful fruit.

If I have eyes to see it.

Love, growth, encouragement, freedom.

In me.

In others.

Fruit that doesn’t shout

But that is quietly

But breathtakingly


What a joy

What a privilege

To be in the flow.


All poems and original writing on this blog are Copyright © Hilary Murdoch 2012

4 responses

  1. Absolutely beautiful… and our hearts resonated with every word too! Thanks… bless you, J and B