Hello little baby girl


Hello little baby girl, welcome.

Welcome to the world.

What a privilege to hold you,

on your first day

of life on the outside.

Your whole life ahead of you,

I’m wondering, what will it hold?

I know it seems like a fearful place,

this new world you’ve burst into.

But its not all bad, I promise.

There is hope and light in the midst of darkness;

There is joy in the midst of sadness;

There is beauty in the midst of harshness.

I’ve seen it, I promise it’s there.

You’ll see it too, with time.

I pray you do.

But right now it may be hard to make out.

Right now things are bad.

You see, mummy and daddy live under a bridge.

A cosy home made of cardboard

and filled with warm blankets.

A cosy home, made with pride and dignity.

But it is under a bridge.

Where will you go

little baby girl?

Beautiful baby girl,

yet to be named.

Surrounded by fear, anxiety and anger.

No wonder you are crying,

you can tell.

They say you weren’t planned.

But by whom?

Maybe not by your mummy and daddy

but I know someone

Who planned you with excitement and anticipation;

Who carefully knit you together

in your mother’s womb;

Who knew all about you

before the foundation of the world,

Who rejoiced at your birth.

They don’t know your name yet

but I know someone who does.

You are precious

little baby girl.

You are loved.


All poems and original writing on this blog are Copyright © Hilary Murdoch 2012

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