Flying to Paradise – Part 3


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She took the hand of her invisible best friend and they started running. Running and running until they flew, over the grey buildings, over the green hills and out to sea – over the splashing waves and the bubbling foam, over the seas, the many seas.

Just as she was getting tired she saw with excitement the banqueting table of God, set with a white table cloth and she knew they had arrived.

She wandered around this new paradise, every day walking hand in hand with her invisible best friend. He would whisper encouragement to her and introduce her to his special friends who lived in the paradise.

He introduced her to a family of animals, who welcomed her in. The father was a bear: bold and warm. The mother was a dancing meercat: creative, alert and curious, looking out for those around her.

It was a strange house. Other houses around had high walls and gates with big locks. This house had no walls around it, no gates, no locks, not even any doors. The wide doorways were always open and there were always many different animals and people coming in and out.

The girl went to live with the bear and the dancing meercat and was very happy. Gradually she became so at home in this paradise that she wanted to stay. Then she was suddenly aware that her feet had stopped itching.



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