Flying to Paradise – Part 2


Click to read Part One (with watercolour illustrations added since it was first posted).

A tall, silver-haired, wise man came to the cave. He listened to the girl and enquired about her itchy feet (which had made her late for work on a number of occasions). She told him, with tears, what she thought her invisible best friend was whispering. He gently recommended that she should listen to him and do what he said. The girl had wanted to wait until she knew where she was going before she left. But her invisible best friend didn’t seem to want to tell her that. The tall, silver-haired, wise man told her that although the adventure was a risk, the place she would go would be immeasurably more than anything she could imagine.

So she left. But her feet didn’t stop itching. She didn’t know where to go or what to do.

She had heard of a beautiful land with wide blue skies, in the meeting place of two huge oceans. Myth has it that this paradise has a huge mountain rising up in the shape of a table, and at that table a banquet is prepared and God meets for a meal with anyone brave enough to climb up to find him there.

She felt her invisible friend quietly but persistently tugging at her sleeve and he always seemed to be tugging in that direction.

She was desperate to step off the endless conveyor belt in the streets of the grey city. She longed for somewhere with a wide sky where her mind had space to think, her heart had space to feel and her soul had space to breathe.

So she packed up her ball dresses and placed them in the dusty attic. She packed a small bag, took the hand of her invisible best friend and they started running.



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