Fun milk related good news story


I’ve been helping at The Warehouse with the response to the fire in Langa informal settlement this week. Masses of clothes, food and household goods have come in from at least 15 different churches and we have had volunteers from as many different churches and organisations¬†packing things so they can be given out to those who lost their homes.

We now have 493 clothes packs to hand out and heaps more clothes to pack.

I thought I’d share a fun story that happened today. Caroline, who works for the Warehouse, received an offer of hundreds of packs of cereal a few days ago, she had been unsure about whether to accept it because she thought ‘what good is cereal without milk?’ Then today she got a phone call offering many hundreds of bottles of long life milk. She accepted. And then realised the connection. How’s that for provision and timing!

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