Divine kisses


Within moments

Of sitting in the garden

A huge butterly swoops in

Large wings

Black and yellow patterns

Dancing, gliding, playfully

Around the garden

Nowhere to go

In no hurry

A sharp intake of breathe

And a smile


Then a red dragonfly

Pays a short visit

As if he knows

Red’s my favourite colour

As if he knows

Another of his kind

Years ago

Had been a means

Of God’s whisper and kiss

To me

An even bigger smile

A reminder


Then swallows

Stunning silhouette

Against bright blue

Three of them

Then one remained

Darting and soaring

Directly overhead


Black and yellow butterfly returned

Three times

Too swift

To be captured on camera

Not to share

Just for me


Three simple but beautiful kisses

Divine Kisses

Gratefully received

And treasured.

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